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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> (cheers). >> cheers and celebrations, that because it is a victory for jim kenny. he'll soon be sworn in as philadelphia's next mayor. >> throughout this campaign, i have been asked time and time again what i a.m. going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight surrounded by all every you, i am remind dollars it the not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> coming up what the mayor-elect's top priorities are when he takes office in january. >> plus, a porn scandal at middle school. student as young as 11, accused, the shocking places police say they got the pictures. >> eleven. all i care about at 11 is what kind of candy i got for halloween. >> seriously. >> man that's young. >> it is wednesday, november 4th, 2015, that's for waking up with us. >> so i had my blanket. and i had my heater upstairs, because it is chilly. but i know it will be nice later, right, knew. >> right. we called it california weather earlier. and, that is when the nights
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get little chilly. but, the daytime, what a recovery. so you know what we will do? we call it ten out of ten today. absolutely. making sure that you know there is no cloud cover, no rain in the picture right now, everything is still to our south. now, this is a system we are watching, though, we keep showing it to you, because eventually some of the moisture will head north, and we may get some showers tomorrow. it is 51 degrees right now, breezes are actually picking up little bit here in old city. 6:33 is your sunrise time. we still get used to these days, where it gets dark so much earlier. we have 41 degrees in allentown, and lancaster, 44 in reading, 42 pottstown, down in millville, only 41, 47 atlantic city, these are slightly milder temperatures, than yesterday, maybe about five, 4 degrees, 8 degrees milder, but still, it is sweater weather, it is jacket weather at least in the morning, not in the afternoon.
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76 degrees, our high temperature today, mostly sunny skies, back to the 70s, once again. you know this isn't going to last forever, it is november after all. we will tell when you the chill returns coming up in just a few minute, right now checking in with bob kelly. >> you got it, sue, take it and we'll enjoy it. 5:02, problems on 202, out here in chester county, let's go to live look at the traffic camera. 202, looks like, both directions, near the 30 bypass, an accident, that is impacting both north and southbound here. this is live look, one of the penndot cameras, 202, right near the 30 bypass, in chester county. so this have will impact anyone leaving west chester heading north up toward king of prussia. and if you are leaving kop, and headed south, down to west chester, looks like all of the activity on the northbound side. there is one of the vehicles involved in the accident. you got a lot of police pulling up to the scene here.
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looks like the guy is hanging right on the guards rail, kind of tough because this is the area, here we go, as we pull it out here, an area where we don't have the overhead street lamps, right where between the bypass and say boot road, just south of that construction. but it is 202, in the area of the bypass, just be careful as you are rolling through that area, in the next half hour or so. we are rolling again on the vine expressway, everything is open, both directions, they pick up the cones, and we're set to go, for morning rush hour. no problems coming in on the freeway here, in south jersey. but up in north jersey, shamong, route 206, at route 541, an accident, they're dealing with a crash along 202, at stone heating house road, for the gang out in chester county, 100, just off of waterloo boulevard a crash. schuylkill looking good. no problems on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, voters are spoken, they've chosen next mayor of philadelphia, democrat jim kenny, he wins. >> in a landslide. steve keeley now on this for us there is was no surprise,
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steve. >> reporter: you know, what a coincidence that it feels like spring. because the real election store mayor in this town is really in the spring. the suspense is over, everybody. if you went to bed before the polls closed, another november election day in philly, where the real election for mayor and real races always in that democratic primary, but it is official. chris, landslide, that over used word in election coverage like upside on nfl draft day, and landslide kind of a major understatement. jim kenny getting way over 80%, the challenger/sacrificial republican lamb melissa murray bailey just 13%. voters realize there is never a race here, so there is never really excitement on election day. that's the real reason why there is such sad low turn out on election day in november in philly. jim kenny so wisely kept the celebration and his speech to the bare minimum. >> throughout this campaign i have been asked time and time again what i a.m. going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight's surrounded by all of
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you i am reminded it is not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> if we all learn to see the world through one another's eyes, then every philadelphia and will be able to walk our streets safely and with dig knit. >> i so many people from across the city really did come together. on a common message to build a better philadelphia. what we did here is incredible. we talked about real issues, holding the city back, the fact that we're not friendly to business, the fact that our public schools are failing, so many of our children, and we created a real platform for change. >> well, jim kenny in his first move as mayor-elect hit a homerun, not list ago bunch of names to thank or making bun of of promise that is are so hard to fill, but quite polite thank you saying it will be a citizen-led team effort when he is in office. and wrapping up that acceptance speech in three minutes and 22nd, so bob kelly
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take note, never a traffic report, concert listing, family activity update in three minute and 22nd, i don't think, but i love bob kelly because that's the reason i have extra time to put on my time for a hit every day. >> all right, steve. looking at the new montgomery county district attorney. >> well, not me. >> i know. kevin feel, he beat republican bruce castor, who was trying to get back to his old job. castor declined to charge bill cosby when a sex assault allegation a roast in 2005, well the case since reopened, and charges are possible. steel also overseas the case against pennsylvania district attorney, kathleen kane, steel takes over for risa vetri fuhrman. for the pennsylvania supreme court, democrats won all three open seats. the wins could re-shape the court for years to come. judges, kevin dougherty, christine donahue, and david webbing, will join the seven-member ben energy january. the democrats will dominate the bench five-two.
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democrats in new jersey tight ends their control of the state assembly in yesterday's elections. the party pick up three new assembly seats, they knocked two republicans out of offers in central new jersey 11th district, and also took seat away from the gop in southern new jersey's first district. >> our coverage does not end hereof course. you can fine more election results on fox 29. com. >> 5:07 the time. new for you this morning, straight train strikes in montgomery county. female driver was able to escape before the impact and was not hurt. her car had become stuck on the tracks near second and depo bridgeport, just before 1:00 this morning. no one on board the norfolk southern freight train was injured. still unclear how that car got stuck on the tracks. philadelphia police say a fight over a pool game led to early morning stabbing, investigators say the argument began inside a bar on the 2700 block of thompson street in north philly. then spilled out on to the streets. a two on two fight reportedly happened, and then 30 year old was stabbed in the arm. he is in critical condition.
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police are reviewing surround vale video in opens of finding the suspect. >> following story out of west philadelphia, stabbing on septa bus near 46th and market, this happened around 3:30 this morning, police telling us a plan was stabbed on the right side of his forehead. they say the man who stabbed him jumped off the bus, took off, no word if any arrests were made in that situation. >> happening today, jury deliberations will begin this morning in the federal fraud trial against chaka fattah, jr., both sides delivered closing argument in the case yesterday. fattah, jr., acted as his own lawyer, de mid any wrong-doing, but prosecutors say he bilked hundreds every thousands of dollars from several banks. the irs and the school district of philadelphia. fattah junior says the charges are polely motivated because his father is congressman chaka fat a the congressman facing his own legal troubles on federal charges of racketeering, and corruption. >> three middle school student in one local school district are in serious trouble right now. police say they distributed
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sexual images of other student. >> let's get right out to dave kinchen outside the school district headquarters in trediffryn township with more. hype, dave. >> reporter: good morning, guys. as if it is not hard enough being a parent these days, right, children as young as 11 years old now facing criminal charges for developing and disseminating child pornography, and we're told by investigators that some of these images involve other. let's go to video right now. three children between 11 and 15, as you said, arrested and charged, as juveniles, with collect and trading child porn important. police say, nude pictures and videos involve student who attend trediffryn east town middle school also were told valley forge middle school. investigators say, that they the young suspect created, stored and sent the porn images viewed by classmates at school and at home, police say the images were sent voluntarily by the teens to other minors in most cases, but in one case police say a
5:10 am
student offered to sell a sexual image after classmate to another student. and of course parent are alarmed. >> shocked, i couldn't believe it. >> when i was younger, when you wanted to talk to a friend, thousand dollars call your parent's house and you would speak to the parent, and people new when the kids were talking, now, they have direct access to each other, and parent often have no idea waist going on. >> i think the cautionary tail here is that parents, we need to trust and verify our children, we need to check what are children doing on social media, in this case, the worlds wide web was used. >> police say the investigation began back in april, toward the end of the last school year, and investigators say more children, again, more children could be arrested as well. the school district says it is cooperating fully with police, and the school district says it could have its own disciplinary measures, in addition to these criminal charges.
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but again, parent wondering, my gosh, you know, waist going on with our kids, again, as young as 11 years old in this case. just shocking. >> for generations. >> i hope not. my son is 11. couldn't imagine anything like that coming across. >> my neices are 11. scary. dave kinchen, thanks so much. us off variables say satellite images, heat around the russian jet in egypt that crashed. >> expert now say, such activity that lauren allude today could mean number of things including a bomb blast or an engine explosion. investigators say judging by the burns on the wreckage, a missile is not to blame. isis had claimed responsibility, but the president of egypt called that propaganda, arguing officials have full control of the sinai peninsula. all 224 people on board were killed. >> later today investigators are expected to announce the september shooting death after police officer, in illinois. which led to massive manhunt, was actually a suicide. investigators say, officers
5:12 am
charles joseph glenn wits died after self-inflicted gunshot one. he was 52 years old. he radioed in on september 1st he was chasing three men, when back up arrived, they discovered the officer's body 50 yards from his patrol car. a massive manhunt failed to produce any arrests or identify any suspects. task force investigating this now says the lieutenant was shot twice with his own weapon, and they blame personal and professional pressures. >> voters around the nation headed to the polls. coming up, a look at big issues decided, and if voters in ohio said yes to legalizing marijuana. >> plus donald trump bragged about financing his own campaign. now the donald says he's about to pay big for.
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(♪ >> call-like weather today. >> sure is. >> as you look live love park from the camera atop the united way building love this song. san diego today, the high 68 degrees, with clouds, and not rain, but at least clouds. are we beating san diego weather today? >> we will be warmer than san diego. >> that's something to celebrate. >> that's a party excuse. later on we'll open up a
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bottle of wine, at chris' house. all right, we have mild air moving n been here couple of days, warmer weather pattern, on the east side of the jet stream here, waiting in the wings, though, some chillier air, but before that happens, we will be challenging some high temperature records we think on friday, if we get enough sunshine the record for friday, 79 degrees, i think we'll get pretty close to. that will can you believe that for the first week of november? >> right now, though cloud cover to show you for our area. disturbance to the south. that will be sneaking northward, over the next day or so, in fact, we jump ahead in the future cast to tomorrow. and we could see couple of scattered showers, in the morning, on thursday, tomorrow. and there will be a loft cloud cover. and scattered showers possible again from the southern storm, it is not going to be cold front. it is not going to cool us off. it will be a little less than perfect. some of those showers could even linger into friday morning. then we think we will see the
5:17 am
sun on friday afternoon, as long as the clouds clear out, we could challenge some of the records. but you see the cold front entering the area at night, that is friday night, the cold front comes through, so it will feel completely different on saturday, on the chilly side. so we will be back to feeling like autumn again by saturday. right now, weaver temperatures in the four's to the north of us, 44 in reading, 46 in trenton, we've got 51 degrees in the city. that's the warm spot, 47 atlantic city. forty-five in wildwood. and in wilmington, to start your day, winds are pretty calm, haven't seen any fog yet. we had couple of problems with following this morning, we will keep an eye out for. that will meantime, temperatures well above average, every day since sunday, in fact, we zoomed up to 76 degrees yesterday. i think we will be right back there today. which is why we're giving it a ten out every ten. with the clouds, chance of shower, we are going down to eight tomorrow. it will still be mild. and even milder on friday. that's when some places could
5:18 am
break high temperature records before the chill returns this weekend for sunday and monday, high temperatures in the 50's. but that's the way it is supposed to be this time of year, bob kelly, winter chill, autumn chill. >> 5:18, good morning, everybody, in pretty good shape coming into philadelphia. on the majors, problems out here in chester county, accident along route 202, right near the 30 bypass. soap, on the headlights, heading northbound, from boot road, heading up into the construction zone, at route 401. the accident happened right here, on what looks like the southbound side. the guy jumped the guardrail, or in this case, they have those cable wires, casino of acting as a guardrail. nonetheless, both directions, slower than normal, 202, between boot road and route 30 in chester county. vine expressway is open this morning, as we go for a ride. the schuylkill expressway, no problems coming into philly, through south philly, heading up and over the walt whitman
5:19 am
bridge through the stadium area. good to go. hello northeast philly a live look at i-95, no problems at all here as you head south. they've been working all night, between girard and allegheny. there is some new traffic patterns in there. so just be aware of that as you head out this morning. no problems on the benny. looking good coming up and over and in shamong, new jersey, route 206, at stokes road, police are on the scene after overnight crash. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob kelly, thank you, 5:19 the time. volkswagon says internal investigation revealed quote unexplained inconsistencies in the carbon dioxide emissions from 800,000 vehicles. now could cost the company more than $2 billion. the review came after revelations that 11 million vehicles had software that allowed them to cheat on us emissions tests for nitrogen oxide. new political pole shows hillary clinton and ben cars owe tied at 47%. so, this could be how it all plays out on gop and
5:20 am
democratic side. carson's standings with independent voters, biggest advantage over the other republicans right now, clinton still leads marco rubio, jeb bush, and donald trump in this hypothetical. survey based on interviews with voters before last week's gop presidential debate by the way. speaking of politics, republican frontrunner donald trump says he's getting ready to shell out the big bucks for tv ads. to up this point, the billionaire solely relied on news media to promote campaign. last night he told fox's sean, he will roll out paid 'des of ads in a few days, will run in iowa, new hampshire, first states to vote in the gop nomination race, several of his rivals already have ads running there. >> from legalizing marijuana to expanding lgbt right, voters weighed in on several really controversial issues yesterday election day. >> election result also coming in from kentucky where resident elected republican governor nor second time in four decades. fox's robert gray has the results from election day most
5:21 am
high profile races. >> reaction is coming in, this morning, after voters across the us went to the polls. one of the most controversial issues on the ballot tuesday was in ohio, with voters there rejecting an initiative that sought to legalize the recreational and medical use of marijuana. >> they weren't going to be snowed by $25 million worth of ads. >> it cannot end because there are people that are counting on this, and we cannot let them down. >> meantime, voters in houston, texas, say no, to an ordinance that aimed to prevent discrimination against gay and trans gender people in the city. >> the controversial part about this bill it, create special privileges based on sexual or yen takes and gender identity. >> on the west coast the san francisco sheriff who sparked national debate on immigration reform this summer, loses his bid for re-election. >> sheriff ross has been one of the biggest defenders, of san francisco's controversial sanction too area city policy, which in many cases prohibits
5:22 am
local law enforcement, from cooperating with federal immigration officials. >> much of what happened in this sheriff's during his time in office, has been death mental to the department. >> in kentucky resident elect ago republican governor for just the second time in four decades. as businessman, matt, had been tea party favorite, defeats two term attorney general jack conway. in the commonwealth of kentucky, we need a fresh start. we truly do. >> the only other gubernatorial election was in mississippi, where republican governor phil bryant easily won another term in office. robert gray, fox news. >> chipotle, well, they are trying to get to the bottom of the e-coli outbreak, looking for waste to improve food safety. but what can you do at home to protect yourself from illness? find out next. plaque psoriasis...
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so you don't have to stop., tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. >> the government is talking about ways time proof food safety around the country. >> jonathan surrey shows us also steps you can take at home to protect yourself. each year one in six americans gets sick from eating contaminated food. the latest outbreak making headlines, chipotle, closing some of its pacific northwest locations after e-coli sickens
5:26 am
about two dozen people. >> we don't yet know of a vehicle, what food caused it, or whether, what the association; or even with certainty whether all of the cases that are identified there are members or are related to each other. >> although only 3% of all us food-born outbreaks are multi state, they cause more than half of the deaths related to contaminated food. the centers for disease control and prevention says the industry needs to improve detection of food-born illness, and speed up the process of issuing recalls. >> finding these outbreaks often depends on dna fingerprinting of the germ that makes people sick. that is beginning to happen more and more, in public health labs, around the country. >> some experts calling for more fda inspectors, and better training for food handlers. >> people have to be very sterile, you have to use the proper, you know, gear, to handle food. >> and there are steps you can take at home, to avoid getting sick. >> you got to use techniques
5:27 am
to, you know, sanitize your kitchen, keep the meat separate, cooking at proper temperatures, make sure you clean your lettuce cents and all of the produce. >> and you may want to consider getting a customer loyalty card where you shop for food. grossers are increasingly using them as a way to rapidly identify and notify consumers affected byproduct recalls. in at lan that, jonathan surrey, fox news. >> 5:27 the time. it is p. ditty's birthday, celebrating with the whole world. >> really? >> well, he kind of owns the world, doesn't he, he and oprah? don't they run the world? what gift he's giving you, so you can celebrate as well.
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>> jim kenny set to take over city hall. his plans to improve philadelphia. >> trio of arrests rock ago local community. police say children as young as 11 have been trading images of child porn? >> eleven? >> how to earn money from those selfies you're taking. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, november 4th, 2015. so, i've been telling chris, a lot of people on social media posting every day about something that they're thankful for. one thing that they're thankful for. >> for the month of november?
5:31 am
>> for thanksgiving. >> oh, okay. >> so i just noticed one, sue serio, that you will ooh i ' like. >> okay? >> life is short, smile while you still have teeth. >> that's great. speaking of smiles, look at who is smiling today. because of the great forecast that we have. but, stop buddy bush bus stop buddy, pearly whites always visible, unless it is cold, we do that in the wintertime, but chilly you have no do sweatshirt or fleece this morning. we are off to cool start with temperatures in the 40's, and philadelphia until the 50's, ten out of ten, things going back to the 70s, later on in the day. so, there is your rain to the south. we will watch this. because this low pressure system is expected to move northward, by tomorrow, maybe give us some showers. so enjoy today. there is 51 degrees, with calm winds, and 6:33, your sunrise
5:32 am
time. forty-one allentown, 42 pottstown, trenton, 46, 47 atlantic sit i am. most of the suburbs in the 40's, but it is a couple of degrees warmer than it was yesterday, at this time, your foxcast, for today, has high of 76 degrees. so it will be another warm one. bob kelly going back to the 70s, turn the beat around. >> and that's the way, uh-huh, i like it. uh-huh. >> 5:32. >> we were live. >> yes, kc and the sunshine bands, the only ones singing along here though in the studio. good morning, everybody. sing along at home. if you're headed out the front door, a problem, though, on 202, in west chester. here is our penndot camera here, both directions along 202 boot road and 30. car looks like traveling
5:33 am
southbound flipped over the cable guardrail and on to the northbound side here, in the grass. so there is a lot of activity, on 202 both directions here between boot road and the 30 bypass. soap, just be careful, also, that stretch, where there is no overhead street lamps, there is a lot of blinking construction signs. i wouldn't be surprised if a deer was involved here, as well. we've seen the deer out all week long here, and in the early morning hours. south on the boulevard, looking good, as you head on down to the schuylkill. no problems on the freeway, couple of pockets here, as rush hour starts to unfold over in south jersey. 322, an accident, right at stone meeting house road. right off the campus of the college there, they're still working along route 70, in cherry hill, right in the area of i-295, good morning to the gang over there, ponzio's, then throughout the day, watch for the roving penndot crews. they're going to be cleaning out the drains, along i-95, from the delaware state line, all the way up through northeast philly. so, expect delays up and down that i95 corridor throughout
5:34 am
the day. chris, lauren, back to you. >> okay, bob. we now know who the city's next mayor will be, democrat jim kenny, is the winner. >> former long time city councilman beating out republican challenger melissa bury bail man. didn't take him long to address supporters, four minute after the polls closed claimed victory, thanked union leaders, police, teachers, clergy, kenny vowed to work immediately on improving philly. >> together these groups did far more than just elect a new mayor. they proved that every neighborhood matters. (cheers). >> thank you very much, have a good time, be careful. >> among top priorities, universal pre k, education and bail reform. >> the people of clayton, new jersey honored the late jeff radio by voting him into a seat on the board every educating. someone will now have to be appoint today take the former mayor's position, radio's family says he left to attend education conference, and then he disappeared, his body found on a beach in strathmere last
5:35 am
week. tests determined he drowned. >> three local school student in serious trouble for child porn. >> dave chin kitchen on this story. these kids as young as 11 years old? >> reporter: that's right. we are talking selfies, sexting and with these three young people and one every them as you said as young as 11 years old. three young people between 11 and 15 facing charges now, very, very serious charges, let's go to some video right now. we will tell you everything investigators have told us here. these three young people arrested and charged as juveniles with checking and trailed g child porn, nude images of classmates. nude pictures and video involve student who attend trediffryn east town, and also valley forge middle school. investigators say, that the very young suspects created, stored, sent the porn which
5:36 am
was viewed by classmates, at home, and at school, during school hours. police say the images were sent voluntarily by the teens to other minors, in most cases, but in one case police say a student offered to sell a sexual image of a class made to another student. and as you can imagine, parents are just floored. >> kind of scary. because i didn't think it would happen to be honest. >> at this age? >> yes, at this age, at this school. you know. >> disappointed more i guess would be more my reaction there. >> not so surprised? >> i'm surprised, i'm surprised a little bit that it is in this community. >> i think the cautionary tail here is that parents, need to trust, verify the children, we need to check what are children doing on social media. >> investigators say, that their probe began back in april. police say more children could be arrested soon, but they are not expecting a large number of further arrests in the te school, says it is cooperating
5:37 am
fully with police, and that these suspect could certainly face some disciplinary action from the school district, as well, and incidentally one of the investigators say apparently one of the suspect stored these images in a cloud format, so that they weren't immediately traceable to a phone to a hard device. so you can imagine, how some of these students were even hiding some of this material, guys. >> and later this morning, dave, talking about how many kids actually have their hands on these smart phones and devices to be able to do stuff like it. >> scary, really is. >> dave, thank you. let's turn to this if we have tonight the flyers just can't seem to win. in fact, they've lost five straight. the low lights from the match up last night. >> here are your winning lottery numbers.
5:38 am
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5:40 am
>> up know what the problem with the flyers? remember the psychic, she came in, she said they would have four, five game streak. i don't know if she said winning or losing. >> obviously she said losing streak, unless she didn't know what she was talking about, they lost last night against the oilers. you want the highlights. >> , no i did this one. >> we start off in second period with connor mc david, puts one on the net, goes in, flying into the board, taking a look, rookie,
5:41 am
leaves the game with a shoulder injury. those injuries, flying into the board. thirds period. tied at two. hall skates past the flyers d and makes backhanded shot right past our new goalie, oilers hold onto win, four-two. here's more sports with howard. >> reporter: this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, eagles back at practice yesterday. they had week off with the bye. now they go into what's really their second half of the season, they have three and four record. that's only one game behind the first place new york giants, who only four and four. now the eagles will also be get being player back from injury this week. eagles linebacker keith owe -- kiko alonso, coming back sunday night against the cowboys. at least he said he was yesterday after practice. he has been out since week two when the eagles played dallas. jason peters, but didn't participate in any team drums. and the players did feel that it was good that they got that week off. >> i think we need to realize our guys, a lot, very
5:42 am
important player for us, so i think it came at a great time, three and four, and we got a lot of football left in front of us. >> and the trade deadline in the nfl, 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon, no, the eagles didn't made a trade. no, they didn't get colin capper nick, no, they doesn't want colin, okay? okay, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> got it, howard. >> hey, p kiddie's birthday, he's celebrating with the whole world. what gift he is giving you so you can celebrate, too. >> oh, wait. let me take a selfie. hey, how you can turn your selfie into some cash. there is an app for. that will we'll tell you about it.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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>> ♪ >> who is this? >> ja rule. >> oh, ya, ja rule. i am thought it was usher. >> they don't even sound alike. >> they don't? >> not at all. your is her r&b. ja rule a rapper. that's like saying you think like -- >> go on. >> usher sounds like jay-z, not even in the same genre. >> jay-z is married to beyonce. >> are they still married? >> yes. >> do you know what their
5:46 am
baby's name is in. >> north. >> that would be kanye and kim. >> oh. what is it? >> blue. >> oh, blue. >> ivy. >> ivy. >> yes. >> we're still working on chris murphy everyone at home. 's work in progress. >> well, thanks for the education. >> he takes it all in. that's what i love about you. sometimes i roll my eyes, like -- >> all right, knew. >> you're more -- >> good morning. >> mostly a good thing. all right, we have a look at our radar picture, and yes, it is arrayed after picture, not just blank map. there isn't any precipitation. you look down to the south and you see that there is some. now, we will take a look at the future cast. you see the air is warm right now. but again, it is a low pressure system down here, that's coming our way first. there is not a lot of rain with it, but we think it will move north tomorrow. probably bring us couple of showers here and there, and get out of here, in time for cold front to come through friday night. before that happens, we think
5:47 am
it will be warm enough friday, to break a few high temperature records whether moves in after that? chilly air of course, back to the autumn chill. it was a milder monday, and temperatures are in the 40's, as you look it the north. allentown, 41, 47 hazleton, 51 here in philadelphia. down to the south, we have 43 in woodbine, atlantic city has 47, 44 washington township, new jersey, lewes, delaware, 49. dover, delaware, 47 degrees. as you get started this morning. indeed it was a terrific tuesday. hopefully it was for you. it certainly was weather wise with the high temperature of 76 degrees. parked my car for awhile in a parking lot. and actually had to turn on the air-conditioning yesterday. cool things down. that was nice. now we have to do it again today. with ten out of ten, and high of 76 degrees, may need umbrella at times tomorrow, slight chance every shower, and then we zoom up to 77 degrees, on friday, record
5:48 am
high for friday, 79. so we will come close to that. before things chill out over the weekend, of course, our walk to ends altzheimer's in philadelphia, the big philadelphia walk there is sunday at citizens bank park. it will be a chilly one, but the sun will be shining, and i know we'll see lots of smiles, including yours, bob kelly. >> yes, did we get the new fox 29, 2515 fleece jacket yet? >> we will go upstairs, go shopping. >> right upstairs, exactly. >> the prize closet. >> the prize closet. good morning, in the 50's here across the majors, but starting to see the slow downs, on 95, south, as folks wake up and head on out, out of northeast philly headed south in through girard avenue. the beginning of the morning rush hour, had the early morning accident, 202, both directions, here, between 100 the 30 bypass, watch for some left over flares still kind of shining up the roadway there. and then, north on the freeway, starting to see delays, coming in toward the city. rush hour starting to shape
5:49 am
up. septa look good. no problems aboard the paoli thorndale line, buses, trains, trolleys, look being good this morning. if you are jetting out every town for little mid week get away, no problems at the airport this morning. philly international looking good. and we're back to the 42 freeway there, we will go for a ride on 295, and route 70, right in cherry hill, new jersey, left over construction crew, but they should be out of there in the next ten minutes or so. chris, lauren, back to you. >> everywhere you go, this is all you see. ya, people taking us-ies, selfies, now you can get paid for those. >> okay you wouldn't want that one. you wouldn't pay for that one. promise willing cold hard cash for photos of you. this is not a gimmick. it is the real deal evidently. so, there is a reporter named natalie bombkey, she will breakdown now for you how to turn a free app into some big bucks. >> first, let me take a
5:50 am
selfie. 100 million selfies are snapped every day. kim kardashian published 125,000 plus copies after book stuffed with selfies. so why can't you make some cash with your own? that's interesting. i love to make extra money. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. so would your picture be worth a thousand dollars? >> i hope it is. >> why not pay people to do something that they are already doing? >> kristin holman, michelle smith, co-founders of chicago made app company pay your selfie. >> now the goal is for someone to get to $20. and you can cash out at $20, and can start all over again. >> once you download the free app, you're asked to complete selfie challenges for cash. my favorite lip color, 25 cents. favorite pop, 20 sent, favorite french fries, 50 cents. favorite empire character, with a yahoo, 1 dollar. by taking 12 selfies in a matter of hours, i have earned almost $6. and we're also looking at that
5:51 am
information, just to see what kind of incites and consumer trends that we can see. >> some of the selfies are sponsored by brand. and that's how the company can afford to pay you cash. other selfies promote charity, and you can select to donate some of your earnings to that organization. >> so this is a generation of people that like to measure, achieve, goal set, and we feel like pay yourself see kind of a game that helps them achieve that. >> so, it is basically product placement, that trends, that's how the money is generated? i guess. >> and when you get to 20 bucks you get your cash. >> weird. a lot of work for the 20 bucks. >> because you get to $20, then they mail you a check, that's how you get your money, they reserve the right to share your pictures on facebook or other social media sites if they want to. >> croate g a country full of narcism. >> at its finest. >> p. diddy's birthday, the
5:52 am
music mowing sell giving out the gift. the rapper planning to reveal free music, the mixed called mm-m available at 7:00 a.m. >> so these songs include collaborations with lil' kim. future, wiz coal eva, and french montana. oh, ya, french montana. >> oh, no, jay d kiss, the first tiled you called him jerdakis. remember that? >> mud he will for tomorrow's show at some point. maybe duct tape. >> auction company offering a glimpse of the lives of classic rock-and-roll icons. >> so this is julian's annual icons and idols rock-and-roll auction, features beatles, the face mask, worn by lady gaga, guitar belonging to the late john lennon, and even a lock of famous rocker, kurt kobain's hair. >> good stuff. >> you would be in heff never. >> with that john lennon
5:53 am
guitar, are you kidding me? >> have you heard about this? iguana on the lose wandering around a parking lot. how in the world did it get to delaware county. we'll track it down. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know,
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5:55 am
# 55:00, 51 degrees, up in 70s today. going to be abut full day here in the philadelphia area. police in one delaware county
5:56 am
town are on the case of reunite a missing iguana with its owner. iguana lost, on the loose in collingdale, yesterday afternoon police called to the rita's water ice on mcdade boulevard after witnesses saw this frightened iguana in the parking lot. police contacted glenolden animal hospital for little help catching the 3-foot long iguana. >> very lucky that she was found, that they called us, and that we responded as quickly as we did. she could have gotten run over, when it cools down at night. they slow down, and subject to pray. >> she is now being cared for at the animal hospital. doctors say, she appears to be well fed, and well taken care of. if you recognize this iguana, if you know the markings, please contact collingdale police. jim kenny now the mayor elect of philadelphia. and he has big plans for city hall, hear about his plans for improvement coming up on god day philadelphia, plus, local vfw post, focus of raid by authorities, what investigators say happened
5:57 am
inside that broke the law. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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5:59 am
>> say it with me now, mayor kenny. >> mayor ken. >> i get used to saying it, mayor jim kenney.
6:00 am
philadelphia elects new mayor. jim won in a landslide. what says his first priority will be, the minute he takes office on january the fourth. >> soaking at 11, 11 years every age, rocks local school district, where some of the images are now stored that make it nearly impossible for moms and dads, to see them. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, november the fourth, 2015. >> you have to remind yourself it is november. >> yesterday, seriously, it was a ten. >> o beautiful, beautiful wetter. >> you pick that nine and a half t went to ten. >> not only nine and a half because so chilly in the morning. >> what do youy? >> it is a ten. >> double digits. they're doing it, you're doing it. >> giving it a ten. >> here we we go. >> tre


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